Students : Causes And Effects Of College Students And Stress

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M Puno English 114 501 Kathy Parrish Oct. 10, 2017 College Students and Stress Adult Learning is affected by our ability to manage stress. Stress comes in many forms. Things like our environment, physiological well-being, thoughts and social stresses can have an effect on our learning. The knowledge of stress’s impact on learning has resulted in a cottage industry dedicated to teaching methods of managing it. The ability to identify sources of stress and then ways to manage them are key to resolving and overcoming stress and opening our learning channels. This proves that students in college are affected negatively by having excessive stress built upon them. There are many causes that contribute to stress. According to one author, "adjusting to college can also cause stress if students feel they are not making personal connections with their peers" (Reed). Relationship stress can be caused by not living up to their partner's or roommates expectation or just plainly by breaking up with someone that they really did care for. Also, it can be caused by an individual liking someone a lot, and the finding that feeling is not mutual. All of these aspects can cause students to feel like they are in way over their heads. Roommate conflicts are also a cause of stress where they have arguments with each other, which cause stress to both parties. Another author states that, "the students are worried about their own college debt and job prospects when they graduate" (Lewin). Finances

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