Students Should Not Use Personal Electronics

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Students Should Be Allowed to Use Personal Electronics in Class
As technology keeps advancing and becoming more influential in our lives, the question that arises is whether or not it should be used in education. Should students be allowed to bring in and use their personal electronic devices in class? Some people believe that the use of personal electronics in class is disruptive. School should be a place where children learn to socialize and develop their thinking abilities along with other necessary life qualities; yet electronic devices limit the development of those essential characteristics. However, although many people believe that this integration is detrimental, many others still see great benefits to implementing technolo-
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. . For example, simulations that present objects that move in an idealised Newtonian world and help students visualise vectors can have strong positive out- comes on learning" (Roschelle, 261). Roschelle 's words do not only apply to computers but also to personal laptops, iPads, and cellphones. There are also students that are more auditory learn- ers, these online books bring options in which the student can listen to the material. In class teachers can let their students use headphones and listen to the textbook on their own devices.
Students can also look up key words easily by typing them in to the glossary or the search bar in the book. Already those are many advantages that students cannot get when learning from only their textbooks. Sarah Henderson and Jeff Yeow state that, "a lot of educational technology is built from a behaviorist perspective. Behaviorism posits that learning is manifested by a change in behavior, and that the environment determines these changes"(iPad education, 1, 2). The en- vironment has obviously been changing over the past 20 years. It has brought us some excellent and modern changes to educate our children through the use of electronic devices and we should definitely take advantage of this.
In 2002, people thought that these devices were not making communication efficient.
They believed that teachers and schools did not know how to effectively use these personal de- vices. Flores 3
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