Study Barriers To College Students

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Student tends to enter college with insufficient study skills that can potentially interfere with their educational success. Wanting to achieve academic success students need to thrive alongside their peers, but due to lack of ability of not studying correctly student tend to receive a negative outcome in an exam, quiz, classwork, homework, and grade. Negative feedback tends to build a barrier around the students toward college as well as their classes. Every professor teaches differently, which sometimes frustrates students, causing tremendous stress. Sometimes first-time students slack off on their first year of college. For example, students coming out of high school tend to be lazy and just want to relax as well as have fun consequently their attendance including their school work will have a negative outcome. College students don't even know how to utilize their time throughout the day. Even social life mix with school life can cause a major impact on students. Let's not forget that motivation will help encourage students to study. Students face barrier with improper study habits that affect their grades, so community college must develop a certain strategy guide to help improve student's study habits, which will enhance student’s academic level.
Community college needs to understand; college students might have a difficulty studying for a class because of deficient in his or her study skills. To Clarify, college students will attend college without the right college

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