Study Of Public Policy Making And Discuss And Explain The Policy Categories Listed Below

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Question 3
Please provide definitions of the following theoretical approaches to the study of public policy making and discuss and explain the policy categories listed below. You must cite an example for each of the policy category types.

A. Policy Theoretical Approaches:

• Group theory- public policy is the product of the group struggle. Some public policies are born out of group struggle. When a group seeks government intervention it becomes an interest group. The main requirement is for the group to have access to the right people, which requires being well-organized, excellent leadership, and little competition, which will give a good chance of getting the public policy approved. As a result, the dominant will gain the …show more content…

Disadvantage – the policy agenda concerns or issues of the elite may not reflect the issues or concerns of the greater community.

• Political Systems Theory – public policy where the environment consists of phenomenona that are external to the political system. Its inputs are demands and support and its outputs are laws and decisions. Public policy is created because political systems respond to the rising demands from the environment. All the important decisions and bargaining happens outside the government in the environment. An example: disgruntled voters in a nation decide to turn to violence in order to get their voice out. This is a demand. The government officials talk among themselves and gather internal feedback. Then this demand is changed into an output with a reward such as services and opportunities as well as deprivations such as taxes and imprisonment. Easton believed that the input was necessary because the government needs to generate internal feedback and then support for that internal feedback in order to create laws and run the country.
Advantage – action taken by citizen are heard. Disadvantage - Theory can be considered relatively abstract (theoretical)

• Rational Choice Theory – this public policy argues that policymaker’s pursuit there own self-interest instead of any national-interest. Policy is meant to maximize social gain unless the cost exceed it benefits. For instance, the Trump Administration Executive Order on the Immigration

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