The Contemporary Language of Public Policy: Starting to Understand

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Article Analysis of Public Policy The Essential Readings:
The Contemporary Language of Public Policy: Starting To Understand

This article provides the audience with an adequately clear and convincing stance to explain what public policy is, and other academic literacy related to public policy, which included some famous theories. The main theme of this article is that public policy is intricate and no scholar can analyze any policies with one particular theory or model. In addition, the author argues that the public policy is multidimensional and it influences every citizen’s life profoundly.
At the beginning of this article, the author brings up the fields of policy studies, how to understand the policy making and how they
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Based on this case, we can compare this policy to the same theories that are mentioned in this article.
At first, we can distinguish this policy from rational choice theory because when the government made decisions, they definitely considered the citizens’ rights and evaluated the costs after they implemented the policy. If the expected results or effects weren’t positive, they would change their final decision, wouldn’t they? Second, we can find out this policy belongs to group theory as well. Before this modification was announced, we could have read some articles from multiple newspapers discussing the new policy. The government invited some leaders of groups, such as corporations or labor unions, to put heads together about the influences of reducing the income tax rate. Before the government implemented the new income tax rate, multiple professional opinions were considered and deliberated on.
After reading this article, the author gave readers a bunch of ideas about the public policy field. The author illustrated the definition of public policy clearly, explained specifically the broad field of public policy, and absolutely brought out reliable theories. It is a very useful chapter for the novice of public policy or public administration. By all means, this article provides multidimensional fashions to analyze or determine the
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