Study on Effect of Quality of Sleep and Subjective Sleepiness, Sustained Attention and Subjective Mood.

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Abstract The main outcomes of this study were that a significant (p<.05) relationship was found between quality of sleep and subjective sleepiness, sustained attention and subjective mood. It was found that the better quality of sleep is obtained, the less subjectively sleepy, higher sustained attention and more positive subjective mood the participant has. The present study was in line with several other studies undertaken, with many of the findings being reflected in both this study and others. Limitation such as environmental factors and carryover effects may have the data. Introduction Good sleeping patterns are an essential part of maintaining health, both physical and mental. Regular good sleep helps to consolidate memory, …show more content…

This test had 20 items, 10 positive and 10 negative, each a different adjective describing how the participant felt. Trial making task (TMT) – Measured sustained attention by testing participants on cognitive tasks, such as connecting encircled letters and number in order (e.g 1-A-2B) Digit symbol substitution (DSST) – Measured sustained attention by requiring the participant to convert non-related symbols into numbers in the shortest time possible. Stop watch SPSS version 15 for windows Design This study was a repeated measures design with an opportunistic sample that was two tailed with one factor, sleepiness, with two levels, good night’s sleep and a poor night’s sleep. The independent variable was the quality of sleep and the dependent variables were subjective sleepiness (KSS), subjective mood (PANAS) and sustained attention (TMT and DSST). Procedure Firstly, all participants were required to read and sign a consent form if they wished to participate in the study. Once this was handed to the tutor, participants were free to complete the three tasks after both a poor night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep. Participants were given instructions on how to correctly carry out the tasks and instructed to complete these several days apart and in different orders, to counterbalance carryover effects. Participants were then told to record and enter their results

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