Studying Apologetics

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It has been such a pleasure taking your class and getting to know you this year. Your sense of sarcasm and easy-going nature always made class so enjoyable and fun! My faith has never been seriously questioned so studying apologetics this year really changed my point of view concerning atheists and why they believe there is no god. Thanks to you, I feel like I can more adequately defend my faith in my next step in life. I feel like the most appropriate way to write this essay is to highlight a few arguments and ideas that have stuck with me the most. Before this however, I would like to define apologetics and why we study it. Apologetics is the intellectual argument for a belief such as the existence of God. We are studying apologetics not to make others believe in God, but to be able to defend our own belief in Him so that others arguments against his …show more content…

Many of the arguments that the authors deal with are arguments because of a lack of clear research about the facts. One of these is the claim that the Jews were very hellenized due to astrological texts which were forbidden by Jewish texts or zodiac symbols found in synagogues. While these things might have been found, it does not mean that first century Palestinian Jews participated with these things. In my opinion, there is no question that the Jesus story is historically accurate because all evidence presented against this view is lacking. Living in my Christian bubble, personally, I have had no one question my faith, but I’m sure that will change once I go to college. I feel like apologetics has helped me become more confident in why I am a Christian. Before, my Christian faith was purely faith based. Now I can definitively say that I can look at in detail the difficult texts in the Bible, and not just accept it because it is in the Bible, but because I know the background and the reasons for what is

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