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Activity 1 The CIPD Professional Map The CIPD Professional Map is available to all CIPD members and helps you to understand what level of experience you have within HR and what you need to learn or demon straight to advance your career. It is made up of 10 professional areas or specialism's Insight, strategy and solution | Leading HR | Service delivery and information | Organisational design | Organisational development | Resourcing and talent planning | Learning and talent development | Performance and reward | Employee engagement | Employee relations | | | Within the Map there are 2 core areas that relate to all HR professional at all levels of their career, location and role. 1, Insight, strategy and solution - "Have…show more content…
Plan of action First would be too contact the sales manager and get his feedback as the company cannot afford to lose out on potential candidates due to the manager being slow in forthcoming with his interview feedback. Once I had this I would call the recruitment consultant so that the candidate can be made aware what will be happening next with their application. The candidate needs to be made aware as soon as possible so as not to harm the company’s top local employer to work for image, especially as sales talent is hard to find. At this time I would also ask the consultant to apologise to the candidate for the delay in giving feedback to them. On the same call I would ask the consultant if they had any temporary data inputting people available in the next few days as I might have a project coming up for one or two. Next I would discuss a plan of action for inputting the equal opportunities information into the new HR system with the HR manager. This could be better done as a team effort to clear the data quickly. I would also suggest a temporary data entry person to help depending on the amount of data and how urgently the manager felt this task was. Once the HR database inputting plan is set in motion I would contact IT and ask if we had been experiencing any problems with the intranet and explain the situation that a holiday request form has not come through to me from the proper channel. Having been given a copy of the request forms from

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