Subsistence Agriculture And Economic Development

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1) Mellor, J. W. (2008). Subsistence agriculture & economic development (C. R. Wharton, Ed.). Piscataway, NJ: AldineTransaction. Mellor 's Chapter 7: The Subsistence Farmer in Traditional Economies in Sustainable Agriculture & Economic Development explores how the traditional farming in developing countries such as Sudan is shifting. They are referred to as "transitional" agricultures, as they are adapting to influence and income form developed, wealthier nations. Focussing mostly on the “microeconomics of subsistence farms,” Mellor looks at the values of farmers, how they impact or impede upon change, along with exploring development policy in traditional regions. Using graphs and statistics from around the world, he explores topics such as the potential correlation between labour impute and product output as technological advances are incorporated. As Sudan has a long history of traditional farming, along with being a country with deep poverty, this article is useful in addressing these setbacks in acquiring and transitioning to using new technology and farming methods (Mellor, 2008). 2) Darbo, S. (2015, May 28). Sudan. Retrieved from A detailed look into the current economic state of Sudan, Darbo uses graphs, charts and many statistics to explore how the country is currently standing. Particularly looking at how South Sudan’s departure from the country impacted the

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