Substance Abuse In The Restaurant Industry By Brittany Bronson

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Throughout the world today, addiction, in many forms, can be found throughout a vast majority of people’s lives. In many cases, these addictions are rooted from either bad relationships or troubled family issues. Drugs and alcohol, most commonly referred to as “substance abuse”, is found to be the most common addiction. In an article written by author Brittany Bronson, the idea is presented that the restaurant industry is home to many victims dealing with this addiction. Although substance abuse weighs on the shoulders of its prey, Bronson effectively uses the appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos to argue that the restaurant industry leads to substance abuse due to long shifts and lack of pay.
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Without people like Brittany Bronson, outsiders aren’t able to be provided information like this and become more aware of a dark situation. With past experience, the author is able to give the credibility she needs to effectively us the appeal to ethos.
Providing evidence and stating logic can be very difficult for authors at times. In the article, Bronson effectively uses evidence and logic to appeal to logos. She argues that the restaurant industry is rapidly becoming home to one of the highest rates of substance use disorder (Bronson, 2017). Bronson goes on to say, that this is because of the lack of pay and long work hours that these employees are given. As a result of these conditions, employees are relying on substances to get them through their shifts. The author supports her claim by saying, “We knew which servers, cooks and managers relied on cocaine to get through the long hours that restaurant life demanded” (Bronson, 2017, para 3). Bronson’s use of logos can be seen through the logic and evidence that was provided to understand that employees are resulting in substances to get them through their long shifts.
Bronson’s article appeals to the readers’ emotions by effectively appealing to the use of pathos. Many people throughout the world are struggling and dealing with substance abuse. With that being said, the author is covering a subject,
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