Substance Abuse Is Not A New Problem

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Substance Abuse
Drug abuse is not a new problem, it has been happening for the longest time, abusing drugs has always been an interesting topic to me because I have never been able to grasp the concept of why addicts start or continue when it is clearly obvious that it has negative effects on the human body. It is a popular conception of common sense, but is false. Drug abusers sometimes are not educated enough to know the damages or the addict truly believes they are not addicted. This topic sparks an interest to me because all around me, my co-workers, peers, and close relatives have been hooked and addicted to addictive substances. A prominent problem currently in substance abuse is how it will impact the abuser of the drug. Sociologist look at which social classes abuse drugs, and the different types of drugs. Looking at the addict can differ from stable and unstable primary groups, and also looking at a nationally popularized drug; marijuana and the abuse among younger people. How it might factor into the effect on the students academics in school. Sociological research was done on drug abuse by Bilqees Abdu-Raheem. She studied how it affects student’s academic performance. These two regions were in Ekiti and Ondo, Nigeria. During the test the data discovered that drug abuse negatively impacts student’s academic performance. In this research it was found that young people were consuming large quantities of drugs. An interesting note Abdu-Raheem made was “Most
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