Substance Misuse And Substance Abuse Essay

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Substance misuse behaviour is the use of psychoactive substances in a manner that is harmful to the drug user, which often leads to addiction and thus the perpetuation of the substance misuse behaviour itself, the resulting substance dependence is a facet of substance misuse behaviour characterised by a strong desire to continually take the drug in uncontrolled manner, which leads to withdrawal symptoms once the dosage of the drug is discontinued (Koob, Sanna & Bloom, 1998). This disorder has its roots in both neurobiological and social processes (Galizio & Maisto, 2013), this essay will critically discuss both the biological and social catalysts in which substance misuse initiates and leads to substance misuse behaviour, with reference to the psychopharmacology of individual substances, biological processes as well as specific examples of social and psychosocial theories. There are numerous social processes behind substance misuse behaviour, these processes play a key role in the initial precedent for and beginnings of substance misuse behaviour in individuals, for example, substance misuse can initially arise because of a plethora of environmental factors; such as social relationships, culture, socioeconomic status and family systems (Gorsuch & Butler, 1976). Family systems are an important influence on substance misuse behaviour, with research showing intergenerational affinity for substance misuse behaviour affecting learned behaviour of drug use (Gfroerer, 1987;

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