Success And Academic Success

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To succeed in a classroom and at Middle Tennessee State University, college students need to use the resources accessible to them through academic careers with their skills, to get where they want in life. Students with good degrees or high levels of education are more likely to be employed and paid a higher salary grade than the others with no academic success. Setting goals is very important since it gives a view of how you need your future to end up being. It distinguishes your identity and what you can do to satisfy certain tasks. I myself have accomplished a few of my many goals and I try to follow and fulfill all of them. By using time management, the memory principles, support systems, my personality types, test taking skills. By using all of these things which can help me become successful academically and become the physical therapist I want to become.
One of my many goals is to graduate from college in four years, getting some bachelors, and then my master’s degree, and having a 3.0 GPA or above throughout college. To maintain this goal, I need to attend class and ask for help whenever I need it, and also study really hard to pass all my classes. By using the many skills, I learned from class I need to Use a distributive practice and break down all the studying to different days so I will not keep all of it to one day and procrastinate. Also, another tip to studying is to practice, practice and practice, and also schedule in study times, to also bring a

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