Success For All System Analysis

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Introduction Success for all has been improving the lives of students across the nation and beyond. It has been improving the quality of the curriculum, effective learning strategies, and maintain a whole school support for many years. The purpose statement of this program is to incorporate a cooperative learning program that is a great value for the students where they work together to learn and take responsibility for one another. The pace of instruction of this program is works efficiently and children are able to keep up with it.
Brief Historical Background Success for All is currently implemented in approximately 2,000 schools serving over 1 million children throughout the United States. Success for All is a comprehensive school reform program that focuses on promoting early school success among educationally at-risk students. Success for All foundation started in 1987. Bob Slavin and Nancy Madden are the founders of this program who shared their passion for improving education and
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It was implemented in Baltimore first. In 1986, Bob and Nancy visited Baltimore and meet Hettleman, a former Maryland Secretary of Human Resources. After talking to Bob and Nancy, Hettleman got enthusiastic and approved them to work the way they want to set up the system in school (Success -for-all-Foundation, History). By 1987, Bob and Nancy trained the teachers, and started implementation. The results were very positive, and the experience taught Bob and Nancy how working with whole schools could improve professional development, implementation quality, and outcomes for all students. After years of work, their passion was finally put into practice as the Success for All program (Success -for-all-Foundation,
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