Success IT Sytems In Companies Do Not Guarantee a Good Delivery of Services

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In the modern world, it has become clear that most companies are currently relying on technology especially in IT. However, according to the study and after reading many articles, Nicholas Carr noted that most of the IT projects aimed at improving many companies’ delivery and services failed. This is because many companies wanted to have good and complex information systems so that they can become more competitive. In this case, having a good IT system does not guarantee a good delivery of services. This is where many non-IT companies failed because they spend a lot of money in developing these systems which did not affect them in a positive way. Instead, these companies should improve their services, offer quality goods and offer good…show more content…
Research – Research and studies have also shown that this companies do get this products without a fully knowledge of their use. By this, a lot of money has been spent on them and they don’t deliver as per the companies’ expectation.

Top 10 Business trends for IT.

Online Marketing





Foods and beverages






Online Marketing – In this trend, many people are now using this because of they are able to reach so many people. This is by use of things like social media, e.g Facebook & Twitter and thus making a lot of income.

Banking – This trend has really been enhanced by use of IT systems. It has grown in way that a customer can easily access his/her anywhere in the world. This has enabled many banks to expand to different countries globally and thus generating a lot of income.

Sales – The use of IT for sales is also another rising business. There are systems that have been developed so that customers can be able to and sell products.

Research – This is another trend whereby, special programmes are available online to enable people do their research for their projects.

Studying – In this trend many schools and institutions are making lots of money due to many students opting for online studying. They have tools and systems that are enabling students to study.

Foods & Beverages – This
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