Successful Business Build Teamwork and Trust

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Successful Businesses Build Teamwork and Trust

Liberty University-BUSI-501

Tawanda Diaz

Dr. Alen Badal

In this literature review the author discusses why building teamwork and trust is important in the workplace, what trust is, groups versus individual, perception of team members, motivation and usage of rewards to motivate employees, and deviant behavior in the workplace. The author goes on to discusses how each concept relates to each other and gives a resolution to building teamwork and trust within a team, while taking proper precautions so that deviant behavior does not form.

Building teamwork and trust are big issues in today's business world. The absence of trust makes it very hard , if not
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Each member must recognize their strengths and manage their weakness in order for a team to function efficiently. This task can be difficult because most people do not want to admit they have a weakness or acknowledge strengths of others versus their own. Building trust within a team is not an easy task but a crucial task that leaders must achieve. A good leader must be willing to show their vulnerability in order to build trust and teamwork. The reason for this is because other people are unlikely to step forward if the leader’s vulnerability is not shown. This can be hard for a leader because most leaders believe they must always display strength and confidence. Nevertheless it is a leader’s confidence that allows a leader to admit their shortcomings and makes it easier for their followers to follow suit.

If leaders insist on being correct all the time, it makes it very difficult for others to make suggestions and openly admit to their mistakes. This not only leads to mistrust between the leader and followers but it can lead to a stressful work environment. Many managers find team building activities helpful when trying to build team trust. Though many team building activities can be fun and interesting, they hold little value if they are not carefully planned and selected (Woodard, 2006). This is why management must choose team building activities wisely before
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