Successful Learning Support : Determination Of Objective Achievements

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successful learning support; determination of objective achievements; revisions for program improvements. The elements with the factors consist of identifying instructional specification course problems. Explore learner’s characteristics based on instructional decisions. Identify and analyze subject content relating to goals and purposes. Specify instructional objectives. Arrange instructional units in a sequential and logical order for effective learning. Instructional design meets the mastery of lesson objectives. Plan and develop instruction, evaluate the instruments that measure course objectives. In summation, selecting resources for instruction and learning activities. The unique aspect of Kemps model is the performance assessment to see if instruction or training is required before the process of designing a course begins (Kemp Design Model n.d.).
The last of the curriculum development and instructional design would be the 3PD model. The 3PD module focuses on the creation of course component delivery. 3PD evaluates and improves activities scaffolding integration for educators and learners, providing a dynamic environment in which resources and strategies can be developed and or modified during the delivery stage. For best design implementation requires ongoing communication with a support team. The phases of 3PD include academia, a designer and educational designer all focused on developing successful online projects. The ultimate goal is to become less dependent on

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