Successful Project Management : An Important Element Of Profitable Organizations

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Successful project management is an important element of profitable organizations. According to Larson and Gray (2014), “project management provides people with a powerful set of tools that improves their ability to plan, implement, and manage activities to accomplish specific organizational objectives” (p. 3). Project management also always a project oriented organization to make educated decisions on which projects their organization should pursue. According to Bolat, Cebi, Gul, and Otay (2014), “organizations have to focus on improvement of project selection process coping with various multiple criteria, objectives and various goals that usually conflict with each other in terms of completion time, project budget and number of workers, etc.” (p. 247). Case Overview In the case study of the Greendale Stadium, various organizations are bidding on the contract to build the new baseball stadium in Greendale. The baseball stadium needs to seat 47,000 baseball fans and the stadium needs to be built and ready for the 2014 season. The project is scheduled to start July 1, 2011 and has to be completed no later than May 20, 2014. There is a $100,000 per day fee built into the Greendale Stadium contract, if the construction project is not completed by May 20, 2014. Ben Keith is the president of the G&E Company and is planning to bid on the Greendale Stadium contract. He believes the project could net G&E as much as $2 million and will lead to similar future contracts if

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