Sugar And Stretch Signals

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better tasting product, they often load it up with sugar. This does not work well, as our body cannot process the sugar fast enough. So this amount of sugar tells the pancreas to make insulin, which is the fat producing hormone. High insulin levels also have the problem of blocking the ‘Full!’ signals that travel to a person’s brain. From there, the converted sugar energy gets stored in the liver, and the excess gets stored in fat cells, creating, well, the bad fat no one wants on their body. This is often common with low fat foods, and certain carbohydrates, as they turn into sugar, and eventually, fat.
Speaking of ‘Full!’ signals, it seems fitting to introduce you to your new friends, the receptors in the stomach. Stretch receptors measure …show more content…

80% of products in a supermarket have added sugars, and they are easy to sell due to the addictiveness. The attachment to sugar is much like cigarettes, cocaine, or even worse. In a Princeton University test, 43 cocaine addicted rats had the choice of cocaine or sugar water for their diet,. 40 of these rats chose sugar water, and later showed signs of addiction. Companies often hide sugar in places you wouldn’t expect. Such as, there is 3.5 teaspoons of sugar in three Oreos, but there is exactly the same amount in a Luna bar, which on the market, is a ‘nutrition’ bar. Another example is Gushers, two packets have 6.5 teaspoons of sugar, just around the amount you need per day. Surprisingly, one little carton of Yoplait yogurt has the same amount. Finally, let’s look at M&Ms, in which one bag has 7 teaspoons. Let’s compare this to a jar of Prego traditional sauce, which many seem innocent at first, but in reality holds 12.5 teaspoons of sugar. Perhaps the worst example is the addiction of babies, using their formula. Some companies substitute the natural lactose in milk for sucrose, which is regular table …show more content…

William Clover, talking about his experience in Lyon, the second largest city in France in his book The French Don’t Diet Plan, says, “A… search on the official Lyon website revealed that there are no gyms in that city.” This might confuse some people, as they think about the thin, and small waistlines of our Parisian counterparts. How can people not work out, but still say so thin? The answer is simple, they get their exercise elsewhere. They are very active people, while Americans are often lazy, or only exercise without taking diet into consideration. Actually, before 1953, it was common knowledge that exercise could cause heart attacks and diminish sex drive. That was until a study in 1953 showed that a fat and a skinny mouse ate the exact same, but had a difference due to the fat mouse’s unhealthy habit of not exercising on his wheel. Fast forward to 1980, and in the next two decades, fitness club memberships doubled. The only problem is, obesity rates doubled as well. Billions went to trying to lose weight, and a fitness revolution sparked across the nation. It was easily seen that gyms were expanding, but waistlines expanded as well, and a decade later, two thirds of Americans were overweight or obese.

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