Suicide : Ethical, Moral, Spiritual, And Social Deliberations And Examination

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Suicide is a subject that has provoked ethical, moral, spiritual, and social deliberations and examination (Harris & Hawton, 2005). Civilization has fought with the notion of suicide as well as attempting to make coherent logic of the behaviors that proceed (Harris & Hawton, 2005). In managing such a multifaceted individual and social subject, therapists may come across copious ethical trials which must be resolved in order to be operative specialists (Harris & Hawton, 2005). Case Study Beth M. presented for an assessment as a single, American-Indian female; she identified her reasons for seeking services as being "I drink too much and it is causing problems for me." According to the criteria listed in the DSM 5, Beth presented with the symptomatology indicative of Alcohol Dependence. This being evidenced by continued alcohol use despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by alcohol (APA, 2014). Beth reported what appeared to be symptoms of depression; this being evidenced by her inability to sleep at night as well as complaints of poor eating habits. Criteria identified in the DSM 5 also included the client giving up or reducing important social, occupational, or recreational activities due to substance use; Beth reported to her clinician that she has repeatedly called into work (APA, 2014). One could contribute this to her maladaptive patterns of substance use but it

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