Summary : ' An Inner Path Of Leadership '

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Synchronicity: An Inner Path of Leadership

Review by Mitesh Mundra

Synchronicity describes about the story of Joseph Jaworski’s journey of life from being the son of the special prosecutor, the collapse of his marriage, his Europe trip and development of the American Leadership Forum (ALF), which focuses specifically on developing leadership in American communities, businesses and administration. He refers his journey as the journey of “predictable miracle.” He reflects his journey in a way that it can fundamentally shift the mind of the readers to identify their own stories of life with higher awareness and deep connect with the situations.

In this book, Jaworski gives us personal, in-depth autobiographical sketch of his life where he describes the tale in terms of the traditional literary hero’s quest. This book compels leaders to look internally and question assumptions that have been held sacred. For instance, he shares an experience he had with an ermine, a small mammal, in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. He says of the ermine, "She couldn 't have been more than ten feet from me. All at once she appeared with her almost black eyes looking directly into mine. She sat there staring straight at me, moving not a whisker." He added, "We communicated, that ermine and I, and for those few minutes, I experienced what I can only describe as a kind of transcendence of time and a feeling of oneness with all the universe."

The most fundamental concept Jaworski pushes is

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