Summary. In The Scenario, Upon Reviewing State Testing

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Summary In the scenario, upon reviewing state testing data, the superintendent and district curriculum coordinator notices that the principal at George Washington Elementary has more students in the “meeting standards” category than any other school in the district. Upon consulting with what caused the assessment scores to excel the way they did, the principal at that school stated that her teachers used a program from a summer workshop called “Dynamic Reading Program”. This program promised to raise scores and provide an end to low test scores. Upon learning this information, the superintendent overlooks an important concept with the new reading program, all the teachers at Washington Elementary collaborated and planned together to …show more content…

Teachers, staff, and students will need to make the adjustment to planning, lesson delivery, and possibly learning strategies. During any change process, there will be one or moral resistances to change which could be caused by several reasons such as the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, and the lack of trust within an organization; therefore, as a principal of one of the school in this district, one must develop a strategic change plan, with the assistance of colleagues, to successfully implement the new mandated reading program. As a transformational leader who will serve as a vital change agent for the implementation of “Dynamic Reading Program”, following the outline of Beckhard and Harris’s planned change model (1977). They proposed a general six-step change process to effectively manage change as the school leader. As it relates the implementation of the new reading core, a school leader must take the first step of the model and diagnose the present condition of the school’s reading success rate. The school leader of a school within the district must work with a collaborative team to analyze the school’s reading assessment data and data by grade level to compare it to Washington Elementary School’s reading assessment data. All students need to have a data point from which will become the beginning data for the start of the reading program. This will affect

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