Summary: Level 6 Degree In Psychology

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You can go to number of course from a level 6 course in social care. Some of the areas you can end up is in a nursing home, if you can into psychology you can be a psychologist. You can also be a social worker.
One of these course is arts through psychology in Maynooth. You need 327 points to get into this course. The leaving cert requirements are 2 subject at h5 or higher with another subjects at h7 or 06. Before you get into this course from a QQI you need 5 distinctions which is a grade of 80% or more. You also have to sit an exam before you are accepted into this course. The subject you will study are
Year 1: introduction to biological, individual differences, cognitive and development psychology, introduction to research psychology, …show more content…

Year 3: psychology of language , social psychology, psychology of learning, applied behaviour analysis, neuropsychology.

This course runs for 3 years and will not lead to a degree in psychology but you will have postgrad option to achieve this goal.
There is also a social science degree in Maynooth. This is a level 8 major award. The leaving cert requirements for this course are 366 points. They leaving cert subject requirements are the same as they arts degree. The qqi requirements for this course is 5 distinctions. This course also runs for 3 years and has an option to study aboard. They subjects study are
Year 1: critical skills for social science, social policy, sociology
Year 2: advanced social policy, policy research and analysis, political economy of the welfare state, case studies in social policy and comparative and European social policy.
Year 3: linking equality and social inclusion, social policy and gender, social policy and ageing, the social professions and

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