Summary: Meta-Analysis

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Part A: Meta-analysis is a technique used to combine findings from an array of studies. Results vary from one study to the next, in order to test the validity of a hypothesis a meta-analysis is used so that the decisions of using a particular intervention or treatment isn’t based off of a single study. In social work a meta-analysis would be used to determine which interventions work, and which ones work best. Part B: As an illustration in the article “Negative Life Events and Depression in Elderly Persons” a meta-analysis was used to systematically review all available studies concerning negative life events and depression in people aged 65 and older. The relationship of both specific types of negative life events and the total number of …show more content…

In the study a literature search was performed using Psyclit, Medline and Current Contents. A computer search was performed using key words including depression, depressive disorders, stressful events, elderly, and risk factors. Studies were only included in the meta-analysis if it included the following (a) depressive symptoms, depressive disorder, or dysthymia. (b) Negative life events included a wide array of events (Gerontol, 2002, p.P88). The article suggest that there should be prevention and intervention programs for elderly people and that we should focus on the occurrence of negative life events in people 65 and older. Special attention should be given to elderly people who have experienced an accumulation of stressful events, because they seem to be at a greater risk for depression. Part C: I find this article to be particularly useful in my field placement and my future practice. I am placed at Broward Health Coral Springs medical center. At least once a week I hear these phrases from my patients: “I just can’t seem to catch a break” or “It’s always one thing after the next”. Interestingly enough, a lot of my patients, particularly in ICU are over the age of …show more content…

The sample size was relatively small. The researchers were focused on improving the delivery of social services rather than coming up with a decisive finding. The study also used in depth interviews which is a method used in qualitative research. Interviews were also done in less formal settings like coffee shops or the client’s home. This study allowed participants to be a story teller. This article is also an example of feminist research. It included participant observations, face to face interviews and allowed participants to be in control of

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