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Long Story Short Robert de Geus LOGLINE: Forced out of his home, a millennial struggles with becoming self-sufficient and the insidious morals of Los Angeles. PILOT LOGLINE: Settling into his mundane life in Downtown Los Angeles, a young man discovers a helpless dog on the streets and attempts to find it’s owners. PITCH: Ben, an isolated and lonely young adult, ventures to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding companionship in an oft detached and duplicitous world. After leaving the comfort of his home town, he begins his pilgrimage to a more independent (self sufficient) and adult life. In the midst of dealing with his father’s illness, Ben is forced upon a journey of self discovery, including being alone for the first time in his life, seeing the corrupt morals of corporations, letting go of childhood dreams, not looking back on his path to adult life, unspoken white privilege, microaggressions, and escaping to nature. Soon after his escape, he discovers his father is going into surgery. We watch him grapple with the thought of his father's mortality. In a last minute burst of fear Ben drives back home to see his father for what might be the last time. With our current political climate we’ve seen a rise in conscious comedy with shows like Master of None, The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight. While these shows may not be the same format, they all deal with social issues in our community and have been critically commended across the board. Clearly there’s an appetite

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