Summary Of Abraham Lincoln'sFraming Sustainability By David W. Orr

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In Framing Sustainability by David W. Orr took a historical known leader, Abraham Lincoln used him to show how he thinks sustainability should be approached. Lincoln had to deal with a very controversial topic as president, which was slavery, some people approved of it and others did not. Like sustainability some people believe that is not important while others do. David felt like in some sense both topics are controversial and have supporters and opposers that maybe if we approached the topic of sustainability gently Like Lincoln did with slavery that more people would be open minded and take into consideration that sustainability is truly important. Taking Lincolns approach and reaching out to all people and not limiting the discussion …show more content…

Think about it, if something is constantly being told to a person it will stick with them, if there was more awareness on sustainability like big campaigns like you on Tabaco on tv more people would pay more attention. Also, not only having a clear message and attention of people but having a diverse audience is a very big key too.
Having a diverse audience is always necessary; being able to have all people being able to relate the topic of discussion. To have a diverse audience one must have some relatable factors and or make sure they use language that is common and is not too vague. In the text “Lincoln built his case from sources familiar to his audience- the Declaration of Independence, the constitution, and bible” Lincoln referenced historical documents the Declaration of Independence granted the thirteen colonies freedom from Great Britain and the Constitution sets up the government and creates the three branches of government along with checks and balances. Then the bible is a religious book that Christians refer to and Christian was a popular religion the United States at the time and especially in the south considering that south was known as the “Bible Belt” so using the bible as a common factor to get people’s attention was a wise move but Lincoln did not make them the focus point. But dealing with sustainability what would be a common factor to

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