Summary Of Adele : A Celebration Of An Icon And Her Music By Adele Adkins

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Adele Adkins, born on May 5, 1988, is a famous English singer-songwriter from London, England. In the memoir, Adele: A Celebration of an Icon and Her Music by Sarah-Louise James, the author overviews Adele’s life and her success. The audience get to learn more about Adele’s early life all the way to her graduating the BRIT school and gaining a recording contract. Readers learn more about what happened afterwards all the way to today and learn how successful and inspirational she became. Throughout the memoir, it is clear on what strategies the author uses to support what her purpose is and why she wrote the book. Sarah-Louise James’ purpose in Adele: A Celebration of an Icon and Her Music is to inform readers about Adele’s life story and how she became an icon. Further, James wanted to inspire readers because a person and still be successful, no matter their background.
In the memoir, the author uses the literary device pathos to support her purpose. The author summarizes Adele’s life growing up with a quote. The quote said, “It wasn’t easy for a single mum Penny and young Adele, but what lacked in space, money, and the presence of a father figure, they made up for with love” (James 12). This quote explains how Adele and her mom lacked a fair amount things and they did not have an easy life, but the important thing was that they had love. The quote uses pathos because it will make readers pity or sympathize with Adele because of her parent’s separation. Also, to emphasize

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