Summary Of Axel's Short Story: Daycare Center

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The gunshot rang out over an hour prior but the echo could still be heard in their ears all this time later. Axel and his wife Mary-Jo drove in silence ever since they left the pharmacy, this whole time both of them running through the scenario a hundred times over. They had a plan, but they should know by now nothing goes as they planned. Nothing ever has and nothing ever will. Their original plan was to leave the trailer park once Axel was in charge of his father’s car shop, but his father closed the business down once he retired this past year. Something along the lines of he wouldn’t leave his namesake to a burnout. Then the second plan was for Axel to get a well-paying job alongside Mary-Jo’s position at the daycare center. Unfortunately …show more content…

Firstly they stopped off at Axel’s father’s house knowing he was out of town. Letting themselves in they went over to his gun case and broke the glass pane on the front of it. They went on to steal the first two pistols they grabbed out of there and left the house, locking back up again. From there they drove to the nearest sporting goods store and bought two camouflage face masks. The kind the slips over the entire head leaving only an opening for the wearer’s eyes to be seen. They also picked up gloves that matched. Going home they laid out their clothes for the evening. The masks would cover their faces and the gloves would prevent them from leaving fingerprints anywhere. Mary-Jo came up with the idea of wearing sunglasses as well to ensure their eyes would not be seen by any surveillance camera. Axel wrapped their license plate in saran wrap sp that if any traffic camera snapped a picture of their truck departing the flash would blot out their plate leaving them unidentifiable. That night they left the house, pistols loaded and tucked into the jacket pockets of their overcoats. Sharing a kiss before driving off into their new lives they rode in silence the whole way …show more content…

That’s when something went wrong. The old man behind the receptionist window reached beneath the counter and Axel shot immediately. Mary-Jo screamed and the old man slid down the wall behind him, dark nearly blue blood spilling from the hole in his chest. All the women working in the pharmacy panicked and ran out the back exit. They all had phones in their hands filming what was happening. Mary-Jo shouted for Axel to go, but he stood there outside his body in the moment stammering like the buffoon he’s always been told he is. Mary-Jo grabbed his arm and yanked him back into reality as they ran out the front door, hopped in the truck and left leaving tire skids in the parking lot. Another plan failed, they didn’t get the money and all they accomplished was a murder. They’ve been driving at this point for nearly two hours. His pistol sat between them on the console. Recently fired, she could smell the gunpowder in the air. Axel reached over to Mary and placed a hand on her knee. She wanted to shove his hand away, but only managed to contort her face in disgust. She couldn’t tell if she hated him now or if she was just angry. This conflict inside her about him has always come up at some point. She used to say he was a good guy and the odds are just stacked against him, but now she was not

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