Summary Of Body And Mind: Understanding Eating Disorders

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The article“Body and Mind: Understanding Eating Disorders” by Bridget Lowry & Mae Puckett, starts off with sharing Jenna who is a Tam student, experience with both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Jenna didn’t really notice any changes or symptoms of the disorder, but instead it was her mother that noticed the changes and that something wasn’t right with her when she fainted out of nowhere. The fainting occurred because she was skipping all of her meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and was not consuming any type of food at all. The reason Jenna developed eating disorder was because she was concerned with the way her body image looked. The authors then move on to talk about the two types of eating disorder which are anorexia and bulimia and they are both described as “intense fear of gaining …show more content…

Many of the patients deny the fact that they have an eating problem and majority of them that have been diagnosed with the disorder escape from getting help and treatment. Compared to other disorders and diseases, eating disorder is said to be due to choice and brought upon self by the public and professionals. In this article, Lowry and Puckett explained that the problem with eating disorder is that people don’t understand that it is a serious disease that can potentially lead to death triggered by starvation, heart failure, and people becoming depressed and commit suicide (2014). They also talked about how the causes of eating disorder are not definite but there are different aspects that play an important role in increasing the chances of developing eating disorder. Some of those aspects include genetics, certain personality traits, Puberty, body image, and family (Lowry & Puckett,

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