Summary Of Borderlands / La Frontera By Gloria Anzalad�a

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In the reading of “Borderlands/ La Frontera” by Gloria Anzaladúa we explore the idea of breaking down our own physical borders as well as invisible borders within as we connect with the narrator and her experiences. We can draw many parallels between the reading of Borderlands and “A Different Mirror” by Ronald Takaki. Both readings allow immerse you in the life of being the Other in society, through stories they share, emotions expressed through their writings and by using evidence of dominance between races. In Takaki we see the Other as a race, whereas in Borderlands, we see it as more than just race, it is an identity. In Borderlands we see a prime example of this when she says “As a lesbian I have no race…I am all races because there is a queer of me in all races” (Page 181 “Borderlands/ La Frontera” by Gloria Anzaladúa). Takaki describes Other as “different, inferior, and unassimilable” (Page 4 “A Different Mirror” by Ronald Takaki). As the readings develop, we are given the opportunity to put ourselves in the Others shoes allowing you to sympathize with those who may be “different.” It is as if the authors do this on purpose, especially for the white cultures who in the Others eyes like to put themselves on a pedestal. Though many may argue with this idea of the Other, it is something that people of all races should think about so that we can effectively work together to break down the borders we have built between cultures, sexualities, spiritualities and

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