Summary Of Dave Pelzer's The New Dress

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No, is such an easy thing to say. Ignorant is such an easy thing to be. Unfortunately, the simplicity involved in taking these actions does not quite mirror the effect it has on the person receiving them. Many reliable sources are able to reinforce this statement, including the autobiographical memoir by Dave Pelzer enclosing the events of his life as an abused and isolated child. Without a doubt, it can be repeatedly seen through a series of accounts of how conflictions dealing with acceptance lead to further changes in one’s life. Through the trials he faced with his mother, Dave Pelzer led a very challenging life; he was always attempting to be normal when he was anything but. Conflicts resulting from failed acceptance lead to insecurity, forced changes to fit in or lashing out, and ultimately, to changes in one’s confidence. One initial outcome that occurs from failed acceptance is insecurity. In the story, “The New Dress”, insecurity is a key component to the character’s, Mabel’s, conflict. As depicted by the narrator in paragraph 2, “Mabel had her first serious suspicion that something was wrong as she took her cloak off…”(March para. 2). She was referring to her dress. The cause to Mabel’s insecurity of her dress may be inferred through the narrator’s statement earlier in paragraph 2, “...ever since she was a child, of being inferior to other people…”(March para. 2). Even in adulthood, Mabel still carried the insecurity she had as a child due to being of a lower

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