Summary Of Edison Vs. Tesla Electric Boogaloo

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Edison vs. Tesla Electric Boogaloo
In the movie industry, historical drama films are always a big topic. There have been many movies written on history, such as Titanic, Braveheart and Argo, each capturing an important, war, breakthrough, conflict or invention. The newest historical drama The Current War fits these molds. In the latest historical drama, The Current War, a movie exploring the invention of Thomas Edison’s light bulb and direct current, along with the competition between Edison and Westinghouse over the new type of power. The trailer for the upcoming historical drama film The Current War is successful in capturing the audience’s interest by the way it uses color to establish the effects of the invention in the film and by …show more content…

In Figure 3, the editor increases the tension by doing a frame by frame shot of Edison’s electric grind board, adding the effect that Edison is serious and ready to power the country. Overall, the editor uses dark to light lighting effects to establish the importance of Edison’s invention, to the conflict with Westinghouse over who should control the power, and to show the seriousness of the historical conflict.
The music throughout the trailer emphasizes conflict. In the opening 25 seconds, there is no music or background sounds, only the use of light and dialogue. A deep synthesizer beat occurs after Edison is introduced as “The Inventor.” This goes on for 30 seconds as the trailer gets setup, characters are introduced but no conflict has yet been given. This beat captures the viewer's interest, building suspense having the viewers wonder what conflict is coming and what is the main story for the film. The beat picks up as the conflict between Edison and Westinghouse for the next 20 seconds until Westinghouse is asked by a child if he is rich, in which he responds “At the moment” and the beat disappears suddenly, into a fast paced war snare drum beat with an orchestral string instrumental behind it. This adds to the tension and risk that both the inventor and businessman are taking to beat the other. The viewer is grabbed by the sound of the snare as the tension rises and the

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