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Ann Starrett Mansion Bed and Breakfast In 1899, George Starrett built a majestic mansion for his love Ann. Many descendants lived in the mansion too. There have been sightings of the couple as well as the nanny who helped raise the couple 's son.The figure of a red haired woman has been seen by many guests and staff. She 's often seen admiring the solar calender built by George for his wife, Ann, which is why many people have felt that this peaceful spirit is Ann herself. While a male apparition is said to haunt the bed and breakfast, the most lively spirit is the nanny herself. She 's been known to interact with the guests. Captain Whidbey Inn In 2007, the inn celebrated its 100th year. Along with an inn that hasn 't changed much in over 100 years, there are cabins where guests have frequently heard things that can 't be explained. There 's been the faint sound of girls laughing where there were no little girls. There 's a female apparition said to be roaming the halls of the inn. One person reported that he saw a friend scratched by a spirit too. Carson Hot Springs Resort Built in 1901 by Isadore St. Martin, the Carson Hot Springs Resort has many ghosts said to be walking within its walls. Isadore was killed on the grounds in 1910. He was arguing with a man on the grounds and was accidentally stabbed in the chest. St. Martin 's wife died shortly after him. Her ghost is the most seen ghost on the grounds. She 's been seen in the lobby as well as the hallways on the

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