Summary Of Loan Request And Borrower Relationship

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SUMMARY OF LOAN REQUEST AND BORROWER RELATIONSHIP: Lead bank has requested if our bank would be interested in lending $20 million out of the $175 million revolving credit line for Almost Family. Our bank currently has a deposit and cash management relationship with Almost Family and is in the geographical distance of the company, BUSINESS / INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: Business Evaluation: . Almost Family is an industry leader in the home health care industry. Strength’s of Almost Family include its personal and management, experience (time established in this industry), and its financial strength (see attached spreadsheet with financial statements and ratios). The company has two divisions, home health care and healthcare innovations. The home health care division has two reportable divisions, visiting nurse services (VN) and personal care services (PC). Healthcare innovations also have a reportable division. The VN helps provide skilled medical services in patients’ homes to reduce prolonged stays in hospitals and nursing homes. A large amount of revenue derived from this program (96%) is from Medicare with private insurance and Medicaid making up the rest. PC services are also provided in patients’ homes but theses services are more toward custodial than skilled nature. PC revenues are derived on an hourly basis with Medicaid picking up 84% of the tab. The Healthcare innovations division was created separately to report on developmental activities outside the home health
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