Summary Of ' The ' Baba '

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"Chapter 1 Many characters are introduced, as Amir, Baba, Rahim Khan (who calls by phone to invite Amir to Pakistan) and Ali. After the phone call, Amir went for a walk by the park to think about his life. Memories from 1975: Something changed in those days. Chapter 2 Amir explains his childhood with Hassan. Amir was Pashtun, while Hassan was Hazara. They both lost their mothers and their fathers were Baba and Ali. Ali married with Sanaubar to restore his uncle 's honor. Hassan lived in a small house with his father, near Baba 's Mansion. He used to play with Amir and they had a strong relationship, as they were fed by the same breasts. They once met a soldier who said he had a relation with Hassan 's mother. Chapter 3 Baba built an Orphanage. Against the popular beliefs against his idea, Baba was succesful. Baba was supposed to become a lawyer as is father, but he decided to be a businessman and became one of the richest merchants in Kabul. Amir had a Islam teacher at the school. Baba thought that teachers weren 't good, and he talked to Amir about sins. He believed that all sins were variations from theft.Baba felt his son was not like him. Amir tried to enjoy football, but he prefered to read poems. Amir listens Baba talking to Rahim Khan about him. Chapter 4 Amir explains the relation between Baba and Ali. They had a similar childhood to Amir and Hassan, because Ali 's parents died when they were crashed by a car and Baba 's father, a famous lawyer, decided to adopt

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