Summary Of The Book 'Half-Blood'

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Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout is a young adult romance book based around modern mythology and greek gods. The book takes place mostly in a large grounds place called the Covenant, where Pures (Children of Demi-Gods) and Half-Bloods (Children of Pures and Humans) live in twisted harmony. Alexandria “Alex” Andros and Aiden St. Delphi are our main characters that are dangerous star crossed lovers. But, they can’t be together. Why you ask? Because our beloved Alex is a Half-Blood and Aiden is a Pure. Besides the normal problems of a teenager, Alex is dealing with the death of her mother and the unknown siege of the Diamons (One of the ‘big bads’ in the book). But, with perseverance, strength and many witty comments, they are able to eliminate

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