Summary Of The Cultural Logic Of Media Convergence

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In Henry Jenkins’ article “The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence”, he discusses areas of tension and necessary negotiations regarding media convergence in the modern world. In a landscape that places an emphasis on digital communication and internet advertisements, media companies are facing a significant shift from previous norms. What used to be a typically paper broadcasting and entertainment world is now almost entirely online. On topics such as regulating media content, there is much up to debate about who is responsible for responding to this culture change. While companies and brands can decide how much to regulate their content to an audience, ultimately the most responsibility is in the involvement of official government …show more content…

The people who wish to censor the mainstream media as so are what Jenkins refers to as “cultural conservatives” (p. 38). These regulations extend outside of inappropriate radio music, and beyond the music industry as a whole. They work to keep surveillance on global communication. While some believe this is a necessary process to keep control on a possibly harmful network, others believe this goes too far, and wish to enforce a self-regulated system over government involvement. The purpose of these directives are to bring order to a disorganized industry. Sticking with the example of the music industry, there are subtle, yet stern rules to follow in order to stay in legal jurisdiction according to restrictions put in place by these organizations. Otherwise, the FCC can hold stations and DJs responsible. Some restrictions may seem trivial. Payola and plugola are two concepts that often are not completely understand by the amateur radio host. An example of the concept’s arguably triviality is the fact that DJs may get into trouble for promoting their outside place of work. However, this is in place for a reason. This is to prevent an idea called “employee theft”, a concept of stealing the shows platform to promote for their own benefit. Other regulations are in place for obvious and necessary reasons. For example, delivering false information in regards to official criminal or incidental events as an announcer goes against FCC regulations. To

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