Summary Of The Facts.. This Is A Case Involving Mrs. Lomanno

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Summary of the facts.
This is a case involving Mrs. Lomanno and her husband Mr. Lomanno. Mrs. Lomanno, who is the petitioner, filed a case contesting her liability for deficiencies or additions of tax for the year 1987 and 1988. The petitioner started working in the 1986 as a dietetic director at Kaiser Hospitals and later that year after Kaiser ceased operations worked for a nursing home as Director of Dieticians. In the year 1987, she started working as a sales representative for Practor-Care, Inc. she was in charge of marketing nutrition and food computer software to institutions in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and part of Pennsylvania, she ceased working in 1987 due to a difficult pregnancy she did not return to work. In the year 1987 her …show more content…

The investigation brought about the dissolution of the firm. Mr. Lomanno became fearful that this investigation would expose his embezzlement scheme. He decided to seek legal advice and he contacted a criminal attorney. The matter was taken up with the office of the US Attorney. He confessed for all his wrong doings and was offered a plea bargain which had a condition that he file his returns for the year 1986, 1987, and 1988 which had not being filed. The income from embezzlement was reported as “other income” and was in tunes of $45,007 for 1987 and $15,005 for 1988. Because he did not want the petitioner to know about this, he prepared the returns alone and tried to hand them in unsigned. The officers saw the unsigned part and wanted it signed. He went ahead and forged the signature of the petitioner. The petitioner came to learn of her husband’s embezzlement in the year 1990 through a probation officer and through a letter received from IRS revenue agent. The couple divorced in 1991. Mrs. Lomanno petitioned to be exempted from the tax return payments. In this case, the petitioner filed a subject motion for attorney’s fees and litigation costs.

The issues in the case.
The issue in this case is that the petitioner is contesting if knew of the tax returns and if she was aware of what the husband was up to. She also wants to file for individual tax returns for the year 1987 and the year 1988. This

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