Summary Of ' The Marriage Of Caleb A Fire Captain Who Was Called A Hero '

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The Review
In Albany, the marriage of Caleb a fire captain who was called a hero (Kirk Cameron) and his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea) Holt marriage is falling apart and they have decided not to continue therein and have decided to separate. Caleb 's father, John, suggested that his son delay their separation process for a period of forty days and follow instructions from a book called "The Love Dare Book" because he thought that it would help them love each other again. Pressures on both husband and wife led them into seeking the comfort of a substitute. For Caleb it was perversion even though he had religious ties and for Catherine a wondering eye for another man, possibly an affair or deeper relationship.
Caleb Holt was a fire captain who was dedicated in service to others above anything else. His marriage that he thought was most important was about to come to an end. He followed another man 's desire and transformed his life and marriage with the healing power of faith when he embraced the fireman 's code of conduct “Never Leave Your Partner Behind”. Caleb combined what he learned from book called “The Love Dare Book” and the Fireman’s Code of Conduct rule to save his marriage. He made attempts to correct some of the things that Catherine found offensive including destroying some materials and his computer. She did not take him serious enough to trust him again until she found out that he paid all her Mothers medical but necessary and needed expenses. Especially when

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