Summary Of The Stories ' Boys ' By Susan Minot

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After reading the stories: “Boys” by Rick Moody, “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, and “Lust” by Susan Minot, I definitely became more open-minded. I began to analyze each story individually and noticed that they are all told from different points of view, but in each story a female was the narrator. “Lust”, “Boy”, and “Girl”, while all three stories are told by a female narrator; each narrator’s voice concerns different stages of life. In Rick Moody’s short story “Boy” his styles of writing was very repetitive, putting emphasis on the word “boy” and the phrase “enter the house” (238). The tone started off as neutral and unbiased, simply stating facts about the boys’ lives. For example, them playing baseball, and borrowing their sister’s Barbie doll, etc. The tone began to soften up as the story slowly became more emotional when the twins found out their sister was diagnosed with cancer.
In Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girls”, the author also uses repetition within the writing. As the narrator gives the girl a list of proper things a woman in their society should do, she occasionally states, “like the slut (I know) you are bent on becoming…” (326). The narrator is attempting to help the girl but also rebukes her at the same time. There are two sets of tones in this piece; the first being the narrator and the second tone being that of the girl. The speaker is perceived as being bossy, listing all these demands for the girl on how to be a suitable woman in society. The girl only

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