Summary Of Trauma And Recovery

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Commonality is defined as the state of sharing features or attributes. In chapter 11 of Trauma and Recovery, it discusses the stages of recovery related to trauma. In part 2 of the book, Dr. Herman focus was to developed as an overview of the healing process in offer new conceptual framework for psychotherapy for traumatized victims. Commonality within the stages of recovery is the main focus of this chapter. The chapter has a few main sections that tie back to commonality as an essential part of the recovery process. This opening to this chapter was enlightening to me; “Traumatic Events destroyed the sustaining bonds between individuals and community. Those who have to survive learned that their sense of self, of worth, of humanity, depends …show more content…

Survivor groups are the most useful for individuals who have experience traumatic event. This chapter states that “because traumatized people feel so alienated by their experience, survivor groups have a special place in the recovery process for these individuals.” Dealing with trauma is hard to do as a clinician, but understanding trauma and the recovery process is the most rewarding. The best help that an individual can receive is from someone who has the tools and knowledge to best help them. Individuals that have experienced a traumatic event are able to share with victims that have experienced similar events, feels that they are able to dissolve feelings of isolation, shame, and stigma. An example was given by a Vietnam vet. “since Vietnam, I'd never had a friend. I had a lot of acquaintances, I know a lot of women, but I'm never really had a friend, someone I could call at 4 o'clock in the morning and say I feel like putting a 45 in my mouth because is the anniversary of what happened to me in Xuan Loc or whatever anniversary is…” This Vet was in a support group with other Vietnam vets and felt that he was finally understood, and this gave him a sense of relief. Group cohesion and intimacy are core components that will help develop the recovering process within a group. These will help the members of the group to feel comfortable to share and create a safe space for each member. Dr. Herman describes a process called adaptive spiral, in which group acceptance increases each member’s self-esteem, and each member and turns becomes more accepting towards others. An example that was given “I am more protective of myself. I seem “softer.” I allow myself to be happy (sometimes). All of this is the result of seeing my reflection in the mirror called

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