Summary: Transtheoretical Model

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Change model is called transtheoretical Model (RHIhub, 2017). Change model crucial to evaluating companies, communities or an individual. The model also clarifies how a business, community or individual can incorporates new management, objectives, and programs at changeable levels (RHIhub, 2017). In which, change model different intervention level are implemented to assist with progress. According to RHIhub (2017), “These stages include: Pre-contemplation: There is no intention of taking action. Contemplation: There are intentions to take action and a plan to do so in the near future. Preparation: There is intention to take action and some steps have been taken. Action: Behavior has been changed for a short period of time. Maintenance: Behavior has been changed and continues to be maintained for the long-term. Termination: There is no desire to return to prior negative behaviors” (Para 1). Which change model do you think will work best for your evidence-based capstone project? Explain. Lewin’s Change Theory would best work for my evidence-based capstone because the theory major concept is ensuring that changes goes …show more content…

With the constantly change with ambulance services lewin’s change theory is a good fit. When there is change you must located what could resistance the change and find new ways to unfreeze old habits. For my example, there is multiple different change inside an ambulance services but just using one: if new protocol with CPR Changes with American lung Association the organization needs to do some research. The research would help determine how employees would accept the new change. Give EMT provides head up on new changes and the coming new standard CPR training. Once that is established, move with the plan and get all EMS providers to complete new training protocals and standards. Then refreeze the new standards by providing

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