Summary of Percy Jackson Quest Essay

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Percy stranded and lost, amnesiac, and running from the gorgons, finds Camp Jupiter, the roman camp for demigods. He makes friends with Frank and Hazel. Together, they win Capture the Flag for fifth Cohort. Mars then claims Frank as his son and issues a quest to save Thanatos, the greek god of death, from LAceonus, a giant born to oppose Pluto, and issues Frank as the quest leader. The trio must face many challenges such as basaliks, Amazons (a women tribe),karopis, gryphons, and very poor supplies. They also learn a lot about each other. Percy and Frank learn Hazel was deaad and came back to life, Frank’s life depends on a burning stick, and Percy is greek. Percy regains his memory after drinking gorgon blood to destroy Phineas. They …show more content…

However, he remembers Percy. Percy realizes whats going on and yells something lost in the wind(probably go). He then stabs his sword on the glacier and uses his powers to make it explode. The entire enemy camp, the demigod army (who can now die since Frank unchained Thanatos), and Percy JAckson fall from the glacier into thee sea. Thinking Percy ius dead, Frank is too stunned to move until Hazel calls his name a dozen times. Thy have Arion take the giant to Alaska. The giant wakes up and HAzel destroys his legs. The giant desperately jumps at Frank to reach Alaska, but Frank turns into an elephant and knocks him back. Hazel then cuts his head off with a seword. They kiss, and go back to where the glacier used to be and find Percy is alive. Using their powers, the three of them get a bton of the dead demigods weapons and equipment out of the sea (including the camp’s eagle), and use one of their chariots to get back to Camp Jupiter. When they reach, Camp Jupiter is about to fall. However, using the new equipment, Fifth Cohort crushes their enemies and saves the Third Chort. Together they help the nfourth cohort, who is surrounded by Cyclops. Percy uses the eagle to blast lighting, which hits every monster surrounding the first and second Cohort, but ignores the roman army. Then the amazons come in and everyone except Percy tries to drive the monsters away from the city or defeat the

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