Summative Vs Formative Research

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Formative vs. Summative Assessment In today’s schools, teachers are trying to decide which form of assessment, formative or summative, is a better measure of student’s abilities. Teachers are constantly pressured to make sure their students are doing well on state wide assessments, therefore, making sure their students have the skills they need to succeed on these tests is extremely important. Formative assessment gives the student and teacher feedback as the information is gathered (Cotton, 2017). Where summative assessments are better for capturing the amount of material learned and the quality of learning at the end of a large unit or amount of information (Dixson and Worrell 2016). Teachers are on the warpath researching which method is the most effective way of assessing students. In the article “Formative and Summative Assessment in the Classroom”, the authors Dixson and Worrell discuss the differences between formative and summative assessment (2016). They explain that the goal of formative assessment is to guide instruction and summative assessment is more intended to show…show more content…
Knowing when to use each is imperative to the success of students. It is the teacher's job to decide when to use each of the types and subtypes of assessments. Through the research presented in this literature it has been found that formative assessment is a more helpful form of guiding instruction. Summative assessment is used to see what students know about a particular topic at a particular time, such as a cumulative exam. Students and teachers alike feel the pressure that high stakes testing can bring. Teachers make all the difference when it comes to testing. So, in order for teachers to have classrooms where testing is used efficiently they must work diligently to make sure their assessments are balanced and carefully
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