“Summer 2011 I Almost Lost My Faith In God, Same Time I

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“Summer 2011 I almost lost my faith in God, Same time I never prayed so hard” words from 6LACK on his track EA6. The feeling provoking album takes you on a journey of relatable emotions. He designed this album to relate to his audience. Each aspect with a fairly slowed down tone with phenomenal vocals besides his first two tracks. His first few tracks contain a mellow trap beat with heavy synths. This album has inspiration from many genres of music. In this album, he tells a tale of heartbreak, making it on his own, and acknowledging the fallen relationship. The album, FREE 6LACK, will evoke many emotions with its beautiful melody, use of words, and the structure of the tracks. 6lack incorporate classic trap sound mixed with some R&B …show more content…

He also wants to not be categorized by his music. In his song Alone/EA6, he explains why he wants to be different and why he decides to not be under a “label”. I’ll explain that later in the review. He uses his past life and relationships to create such an amazing debuting album. Artist are only given one shot to impress the audience with their lyrical ability. He did that and more with this album. Songs like “Getting Old” and Worst Luck” bring out his emotional side while “Never Knew” and “PRBLMS” share his past life. There is a balance of all aspects of one’s life. One song that captures the many sides of his great capability is “Luving U”. It puts the listener into the center of a slowly crumbling relationship. I toughly enjoy good R&B songs that feel human, as well as songs that tell you about the place between blissful love and aching heartbreak. ” Luving U” sits in that middle ground and captures the very slow journey to the end of a once happy relationship. "Gettin ' Old" is like a Frank Ocean track. The song has 6lack singing/rapping over a nice steady beat showing his vocal range while telling a story on lost time. The atmosphere is less dank but it still has the slow pace that is the album’s flow. With this song, he goes into the stage of where you feel as if the relationship is more important than the other things. It also is a track that makes a girl realizes that she needs better. Lyrics like “Showing

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