Sumo Spirito Research Paper

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The heritage of the Conquista, the conquest of Middle and South America by the Spanish presents itself nowadays mostly in a culinary fashion: cocoa, chocolate, corn, tomatoes. Albeit living in a global age, lesser known and little researched is the music origination in the New World; music that interlinks the cultures of three continents. Beside the less pleasant actions undertaken by both the European clerical and secular subjugators, it was also the conquistadores that brought music along with them from the old continent. This music quickly spread throughout the colonies and settlements. Exposed to local influences, the music was soon shaped to please the local ear. After all, when the Dominican and the Jesuit missionaries took off to preach the gospel, music was one of their most important messengers. Most notably in Mexico, Bolivia and Peru, a breathtaking wealth of music has been written in the 17th and 18th century. Even though we are not to forget the brutal…show more content…
It has been founded by Marco Castellini in 2007. In the past ten years, Marco as been responsible to lead the ensemble to sing numerous Swiss premiers and to revive forgotten choral works. A careful, even daring at times, but consistently innovative selection of works as well as the ensemble’s pledge to a high standard of execution are two key components to the ensemble’s original sound. That being said, Suono Spirito fells just as much at home singing a cappella works of the Renaissance era, as with presenting the virtuous works of the late Baroque period and the sounds of the contemporary choral repertoire. Furthermore, the ensemble has been invited to perform at renowned festivals such as the Boswiler Sommer or the Bodenseefestival. Lastly, both professional and qualified amateur singers of the German-speaking part of Switzerland make up the ensemble that to rehearse in Horgen for two to three programmes each
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