Sundison Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT analysis: SunEdison
The cost of solar panels has dropped 75% in the last six years. (
The performance of solar panels has also increased by 50% in the last six years. (
According to their website, they are very innovative. Their latest innovation is a technology called “high pressure fluidized bed reactor” that produces “the world’s most cost-effective silicon, which is the key ingredient in solar panels.” (
SunEdison puts their “ideas into actions.” In 2014 they built the largest solar plant in South America, which generates enough energy to power 20,000 homes. (
SunEdison also focuses on doing well for the community. Their latest project is to bring solar electricity …show more content…

“A lot of scope for engineering innovation in process heat application.” (Patil, 2015)
Trends in clean energy. ( Pernick, 2015)
People don’t want to spend the time or money putting up solar powered panels in their homes. It would seem like too much of an effort.
Unexpected climate changes and global warming. (
The average person has less of a desire to use solar energy.
Threats of new competitors. (
Threats of substitutes for solar power especially if there are cheaper alternatives. (
Competition with existing competitors. Which according to are companies such as actions semiconductor Co, Altera Corporation and more. (

Applying the SWOT analysis SunEdison as a company has many strengths that can help them grow and become more successful. The fact that the cost for solar panels have dropped by 75% in cost and increased by 50% in effectiveness in only the past six years is a great strength, because many people want to be more earth friendly but don’t want to pay a fortune. Solar power energy is a growing business, and for all the weaknesses and threats they have, there are strengths and opportunities. Personally, I believe that their website is a great strength. The internet is how everyone finds out their information nowadays and spending time on making their website very easy to use and appealing will continue to help them. For example, a weakness

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