Supernatural Phenomenon Research Paper

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Paranormal Phenomena
When you think of the word “Paranormal” you think of events happening that can’t be explained. It’s not all about ghosts or UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects); it’s about people having an ability to do unthinkable and unexplainable talents. For years now people have made television shows, movies, and even souvenirs about the supernatural, the question is “why?”
Television shows such as “Supernatural” tells the tales of creatures hidden from the worlds eye view. Creatures such as spirits, vampires, werewolves, and even folklores about ancient legends such as the “Croatian”. Even humans in the television show (“Supernatural”) has abilities that the audience witness and can’t explain. Yet why does this television show have all of these terrifying yet, intriguing paranormal experiences. Easy, us as humans are curious about the unexplained it makes us think about events that could happen; like the motto “expect the unexpected” yet, we don’t expect the unseen to do the unexpected.
Although it’s not all movies’ or television shows that have main purposes or traces of the paranormal. The “Holy Bible”, the
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Although the mainstream press is touting the recent death of Sasquatch prankster Ray Wallace as "the death of Bigfoot," cryptozoologist Loren Coleman says the legend is alive and well. Coleman says Wallace is called "the father of Bigfoot" because he made his claims in 1958, around the time the term, "Bigfoot," first appeared. However, there were numerous Sasquatch sightings between 1850 and the early 1900s and native Americans have been depicting the hairy creature on totem poles for 500 years. Coleman says there's more than enough evidence proving that the Bigfoot legend is something that existed long before Wallace's pranks and not simply his hoax. In fact, he says folks who assume Bigfoot sightings will disappear now that Wallace is dead may end up putting their big foot in their
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