Supplier Selection Case Study

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Applied Mathematical Modelling 31 (2007) 2475–2486 Analytic network process in supplier selection: A case study in an electronic firm Cevriye Gencer *, Didem Gurpinar ¨ Gazi University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Industrial Engineering, 06570 Maltepe/Ankara, Turkey Received 1 November 2005; received in revised form 1 August 2006; accepted 9 October 2006 Available online 8 December 2006 Abstract Supplier selection, which is the first step of the activities in the product realization process starting from the purchasing of material till to the end of delivering the products, is evaluated as a critical factor for the companies desiring to be successful in nowadays competition…show more content…
The control hierarchy, critical for ANP analysis, provides overriding criteria for comparing each type of interaction that is intended by the network representation. There are two types of control criteria [16]. • A control criterion may be directly connected to the structure as the goal of a hierarchy if the structure is in fact a hierarchy. In this case the control criterion is called a comparison-‘‘linking’’ criterion. • Otherwise a control criterion does not connect directly to the structure but ‘‘induces’’ comparisons in a network. In this case the control criterion is called a comparison- ‘inducing’’ criterion. With the scope of this paper, the second control criteria (a comparison-‘‘inducing’’ criterion) is chosen according to the relationship between criterias and alternatives. In the application of ANP, software like, Ecnet, Super Decision or mathematical programs like Excel, Maple, Mathematica can be used. Since its introduction, ANP has been getting more widely used in decision making and numerous applications have been published in literature. For example; ANP model is used by Momoh and Zhu [27], for the selection of generating power units for appropriate price allocation in a competitive power industry, Sarkis and Meade [18], for selection of logistics strategy; Buyukyazıcı [19], for finding the most important factor ¨ ¨ ˘ for education based on memorization; Erkiletlioglu [20] for determination of the
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