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Supply Chain Management of J C Penney in perspective of APL Logistics Ltd. 1.0. Introduction Internship report is a mandatory requirement of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree of BRAC University. This report has been designed to portray my on the job internship with APL Logistics from the period of January to April, 2007. Being a Customer Service Representative of APL Logistics Limited, I had the opportunity to get attached with the supply chain or logistics management department. During my attachment with the logistics department, I accumulated as much knowledge as possible about the working procedure of this operation department of the company. In the internship report I will try to depict the whole procedure of a …show more content…

Trident started as an agent for APL which is now known as American President Line. Now APL has a direct office which is operated by South Asia President. 3 4.0. Services In today 's global marketplace, Manufacturer needs a logistics partner who can connect far-flung suppliers, vendors and customers. One who spans continents, currencies and customs. APL Logistics is that partner. The objective of this part is to define the service offering of APL Logistics and illustrate with examples how those apply to our operations and are made in the case of supply chain offerings. 1) Transportation Management Services (TMS): § § § Definition: Movement of domestic freight (defined as within the continent – Asia\Middle East, Americas, Europe). In other words the land transportation originates and terminates within the continent. Intermodal, truck or rail. Examples: include truck brokerage, inter-modal management services (IMS/AUTO), and freight management operations. These are the APLL US/Mexico operations. Exceptions: 1) Dedicated contract carriage or distribution services that are integrated with a WMS facility, 2) When the movement is the origination or termination of an international movement under the control of APLL, which can be covered by either a) Ocean B/L, b) Air B/L or c) international FF/broker movement. Cross Dock Facility/Factory/Dist Cntr

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